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Measles Update

Hi everyone, we are doing our best to support our Morrinsville community to protect itself from the threat of measles by getting vaccinated. Unfortunately concerns are high nationwide which is putting incredible pressure on the distribution of MMR vaccines. Getting vaccine stock in our door is proving to be difficult  and we are trying multiple times every day. We do want to ensure everyone who needs to be vaccinated is. Unfortunately in these situations we really do need to prioritise the most vulnerable members of our community which we hope you can all appreciate. Please bear with us and continue to ring for advice and support – either us directly or you can call Healthline on 0800 611 116. For more information about the measles check out HealthNavigator,

The second case of measles reported has been tested further and confirmed IT WAS NOT MEASLES

We have had one confirmed case and all patients potentially exposed in the waiting room have been notified.

Thank you – from all the GP’s, Nurses and Admin staff.

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Morrinsville Medical Centre has approximately 9000 enrolled patients that are currently served by five General Practitioners and eight Nurses. A number of Specialists visit the Practice providing easier more convenient access for patients who are referred by their Doctor.  For a full list of  fees and services available including visiting specialist’s, refer to our services page.

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