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COVID-19 Updates

Please phone us on 07 889 5126 and let us know before coming in to see us if you have a cough, cold, sore throat, runny nose or a temperature. Do not present at the front desk with these symptoms. For all the latest advice on COVID-19 please click the link below.

Find out more about COVID-19

Opening Hours

We will be opening at 8.45am on Thursday morning 13th May for a staff meeting from 8am-8.45am

Health Information

For reliable and current health information we have a list below of useful websites for your reference.

General Health

For reliable health information on a wide range of topics visit

Health Navigator

Heart Health

Stop Smoking

Your Skin & the Sun


Women's Health

Cervical Screening

Breast Screening

Pregnancy Care - Midwives

Men's Health


General Men's Health Topics

Children's Health



Mental Health

Community House Counselling Morrinsville

Mental Health Online Help

Addiction Information & Support