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COVID-19 Updates

Please phone us on 07 889 5126 and let us know before coming in to see us if you have a cough, cold, sore throat, runny nose or a temperature. Do not present at the front desk with these symptoms. For all the latest advice on COVID-19 please click the link below.

Find out more about COVID-19

Flu Vaccines

Flu Vaccines are available for all age groups from Monday 17th May. Please call Reception to book your appointment. 07 889 5126

Health Information

For reliable and current health information we have a list below of useful websites for your reference.

General Health

For reliable health information on a wide range of topics visit

Health Navigator

Heart Health

Stop Smoking

Your Skin & the Sun


Women's Health

Cervical Screening

Breast Screening

Pregnancy Care - Midwives

Men's Health


General Men's Health Topics

Children's Health



Mental Health

Community House Counselling Morrinsville

Mental Health Online Help

Addiction Information & Support